jenny and the librarians.

librarian, zinester.

Inspired by this blog post from Bryce at the LaCrosse Public Library, I took on a LEGO experiment of my own at the branch over the last 2 weeks.

Modeled after Bryce’s plan, we offered any user checking out materials 3 LEGO pieces to add to our structure, as well as bonus bricks for paying a library fine. We also featured a display with books and DVDs related to LEGO, architecture, skyscrapers, and construction, to promote the STEM aspects of this passive program.

We decided on a pilot period of 2 weeks and enlisted the Circulation team as our “LEGO Ambassadors,” since they would mostly be the ones promoting it.

And after two weeks, multiple collapses, smiles, gleeful children and adults, and reconstructions?

335 participants, with ~1,000 LEGO pieces distributed!

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    Wonderful, lovely, beautiful passive programming.
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    This would be the coolest thing ever. I especially like the extra bricks for fines paid idea.
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    This is wonderful and a creative way for families to participate in library stuff together